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The Virtual Classroom provides continuous practice preparation with TOEFL content, whatever the current level of English proficiency. In the Virtual Classroom TOEFL you will work independently through spaced learning modules* to achieve mastery of TOEFL content material.

* (Spaced-Learning): presentation of material at predetermined intervals for mastery and prolonged retention.

Programs available

TOEFL ® Preparation (4 weeks)

  • • 4 classes live (1 class each week), via Skype, with your own certified teacher
  • • 4 weeks TOEFL Practice, in the Virtual Classroom, in reading, listening, grammar, writing, and more ...

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1. simple past, " an event that started and ended"... Ex.- I went to the movies. I ate eggs for breakfast this morning.

2. Perfect (have been), " an event from the past to now", Ex-I have been to Europe.

3. Continuous, ( " an activity that continues" ( may be simple past or perfect), Ex.- I was walking in the park last night., or I have been working here for 2 years.


Short Practice;

Great sentence starters to practice.... 1. I think that....2. I believe that... 3. In my opinion..4. I have seen...