Online English Courses


An introductory level where students will practice basic greetings, social exchanges, and basic needs, as well as gain an understanding of the question words and initial statements. With practice, the student will move to a higher level of expression by using appropriate structures and tenses (present, past, future) to interact through the use of different real-life scenarios in conversation.

• Daily routines greetings, family, time, money
• using a restaurant
• travel, including airports and hotels
• Shopping and Markets
• the everyday world in which we live
• workplace


An intermediate level in which the student has a basic knowledge of general statements, questions and structures of English. Here, students will apply general knowledge, expand vocabulary and language-specific patterns to increase proficiency in English to solve problems and become more independent in social and work situations through the use of interaction scenario conversation.

• Brief explanation of experiences
• Explain instructions or procedures
• Problems encountered
• Technology
• Express conditions (weather, emotions)

Advanced Level

At this level, the student will develop a precision and skill in English fluently to use language to discuss, explain, or resolve most situations. Also, the student will use various forms of communication to work towards fluency including reading, writing and conversation.

• Explain the character traits
• Discuss current issues and questions
• Express political views
• Write for expression
• Read books and articles with understanding
• General plans and programs


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